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Customer stories


Memory maker

Unforgettable, that’s what this is — a bach built to create magic moments for generations to come. // homestyle magazine

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Oh maimai

In a word, wow. Here’s a home that honours heritage and place, yet is anything but what you’d expect. // homestyle magazine

Love language

A devotion to era-appropriate design has seen this mid-century renovation continue a conversation between what was and what is. // homestyle magazine

Now & then

First one then two dwellings for today and tomorrow, this holiday home is designed for living happily ever after. // homestyle magazine

Circling back

A beach house with a childhood connection that makes a curve in exactly the right place. // homestyle magazine

Peak performers

These gabled pavilions are much more than just roofs over their owners’ heads. // homestyle magazine

Dune landing

A home on the Kapiti Coast finds its place in the environment so successfully, it’s like it’s as nature intended. // homestyle magazine

Push the limits

All the great things about a classic bach are included in this Mt Maunganui holiday home – but better. // homestyle magazine

Brain boxes

Cleverly concieved forms and lots of glass make this abode smarter than many in terms of both form and function. // homestyle magazine

Best-kept secrets

Everyone knows a lot goes on behind closed doors, but stepping into this home reveals even more than you might expect. // homestyle magazine.

Wheel of fortune

This boxy bach makes clever use of Dutch design theory to work its angles within the environment. // homestyle magazine

This is us

The manifestation of a long-held dream, this Hamilton home fits its owners as if it were made for them. // homestyle magazine

Out in the open

Whopping great windows and sliding doors give the residents of this coastal Napier residents a spectacularly honest connection with nature. // homestyle magazine


Innovative ideas that really let there be light, make this prefabricated prototype so appealing its designers moved on in. // homestyle magazine


A series of glass galleries overlooking a tidal estuary, this luxurious rural retreat reveals its riches little by little. // homestyle magazine

Light & space

The execution of this home's clean, compact design was complicated by the fact that it was built on top of an old brick garage.

Plan perfect

This sleek group home won the Registered Master Builders Supreme Award for the Manawatu/Wanganui Region.

Colonial influences

The owners aimed for a Cape Cod look in this home, so careful attention was paid to the detail of the windows and doors to create a traditional timber look.

Floating high

This house on a rural ridge in Northland is an architectural response to tight constraints.

On reflection

Designed for one of the few remaining undeveloped sites in a central city suburb, this home makes the most of its north facing aspect.

Coast watch

Energy efficiency was at the forefront of this family home's design

A capital view

This long narrow house is designed to cope with the capital's ferocious winds.

Seaside Shanty

“Shanty-ness”: that’s the word coined by the owner of this Northland beach house to describe the effect he was after.

A clean slate

After the Canterbury quakes damaged their previous home, the owners of this home made the call to start again from scratch.

Coastal retreat

So many shades of grey in the world, but the owners of this sleek contemporary Northland house like the view in black and white.

Small but perfectly formed

Thirty-five square metres of living for a family of four, including a bunkroom, master bedroom and a third bed, plus kitchen and bathroom? Surely not.

Black on white

For such a monumental structure, this Noel Jessop-designed Waikato house has more than its share of intrigue.