It's our responsibility

We see our commitment to sustainability as an opportunity, rather than compliance. An opportunity to care for, look after, and improve the environments we live in.

Being part of the country’s largest supply chain of manufacturing windows and doors, we believe we have a responsibility to improve the way we do things and reduce our environmental impact.

After years of different initiatives, trials, and process redesigns, our sustainability journey has only just begun. However, we've now mapped out the road ahead, and have a collective vision to look after this beautiful country we call home.

So, what are we doing?

We, and our parent company APL Window Solutions, are working towards three key goals in our sustainability journey. 

Close the loop

Renewable packaging with full circle recovery reuse

  • Circular packaging innovation
  • Packaging recovery and reverse logistics
  • Using the Circular Transition Indicator

Design out waste

A range of carbonzero products

  • Toitū surveillance audits
  • Annual waste audits
  • Waste reduction projects

Regenerate nature

Manufacturing powered by renewable energy

  • Local riparian planting projects
  • Involvement with charity partners - Sanctuary Mountain and Live Ocean

Our commitment to sustainability

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The importance of ThermalHEART®

While reducing the environmental impact of construction is a major focus of the building industry, another big focus is on reducing the amount of energy that’s required to run those buildings when they’re completed.

Less efficient buildings require more energy over their lifetimes and 35-50% of a home’s heat is lost from its windows and doors*. First Windows and Doors' new industry leading ThermalHEART® technology stops that waste, saves you money and reduces emissions.

* Please refer to for all statistical data and references