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Taking some time to go through these key points before you speak with your local manufacturer will help you identify the areas you would like to cover, which points you place a lot of importance on and what questions you have. 


The location of your home, the materials used and the way you use your space all have an impact on the product range and formats that will work best for you.

Think about the sunny parts of your property, where the prevailing wind is, where your high-traffic entry points are and what your style preferences are. These will all help determine the best products to suit your needs.

  • Take some time to go through our ‘Get started’ tips and make some notes. Be sure to discuss these living and style preferences with your manufacturer
  • The orientation and location of your building can impact which products are best for your home as our product ranges vary in size, performance and price
  • There might be more than one product option to suit your space (e.g. sliding vs bi-fold). Ask to see the configuration options and alternative formats that might suit


The way we incorporate windows and doors into design has moved beyond their function to the way they can create a breath-taking feature and complement our lifestyle.

The endless combination of colours, finishes, ranges and formats can be overwhelming, so take some time to think about your colour and style preferences to help guide your decisions.

It’s also a good idea to have a look through our inspiration gallery and make a list of favourites that you can show your manufacturer.

  • There are a variety of colours available; think about the colours you have in your colour scheme and what colours would complement it
  • Don’t forget to ask for an aluminium swatch of the final colour you have decided on and view it in natural light
  • Where you live (e.g. coastal properties) can dictate the type of surface finish you use
  • We have several hardware ranges allowing you to choose hardware that will complement your joinery choice. Consider what style and colour preferences you have for your hardware
  • Consider whether you’d like to make a statement with your entrance door choice or have a subtler entranceway
  • Ask to see examples of windows and doors that your manufacturer has supplied to other homeowners.

Thermal performance

Advances in technology and construction mean your windows and doors can improve your home’s thermal efficiency and ventilation.

Choosing joinery and glass that exceeds the minimum standard can reduce your heating costs and improve your year-round comfort, while a well-ventilated home is healthier to live in with less moisture, allergens and other pollutants.

  • Double glazed windows and doors offer good levels of performance, though you might like to consider a thermally broken option like ThermalHEART® or Klima Series to reduce hot and cold transfer
  • Consider how your glass choice can assist with thermal performance. Speak to your manufacturer about options such as gas fill or thermal coatings
  • Passive ventilation helps to control internal temperatures and the health of your home. Ask your manufacturer what options you have to incorporate ventilation solutions into your windows and doors.

Security and privacy

Having large windows and doors is great for letting light in and capturing wonderful views though there may be some areas of your home where you’d like more privacy; think about what level of privacy you require in these areas.

The way you secure your home needs to be robust, but it also needs to be functional and not distract from the overall appearance of the windows and doors you’ve so carefully chosen.

  • Ask your manufacturer about what options are available for improving the security and privacy of your windows and doors
  • Are there any areas of your home where you’d like increased privacy? Consider options such as tints, switchable glass or privacy glass for these areas
  • Think about the noise levels in your location. Consider incorporating features such as laminated glass or sound dampening glass to reduce noise levels.

Aluminium colour swatch

Don’t forget to ask for an aluminium swatch of the final colour you have decided on and view it in natural light.

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