Energy efficiency was at the forefront of this home's design


Energy efficiency is now at the forefront of thinking. It influences purchase decisions for a whole range of household products, including windows and doors.

The owners of this home decided that First Residential ThermalHEART was the right choice to optimise interior warmth and comfort levels, especially with two young children in the family. At the same time they embraced a house design that extracted the best of the summer weather, with wide opening sliding doors and outdoor entertainment and relaxation areas that give wide views to the nearby coast.

The emphasis on sliding doors utilised the visual and functional benefits of the Residential ThermalHEART flushline sill, which has simplified styling – flush lines and minimal upstands to the outside when the sill is recessed into the concrete pad, as is the case in this home. One of the benefits of the flushline track is that sliding panels move effortlessly even when the doors carry heavier double glazing (ThermalHEART products are always used in conjunction with double glazing).

The ThermalHEART range carries the the ENERGY STAR Mark, which is applied to the most energy efficient products within a category.

This house is also notable for using a pearlescent powder coating, Metropolis Coal Dust. Pearlescent powders may cost a little more but display a vibrant animated finish, often with a metallic fleck visible. They offer an alternative to anodising.

Architect Envision Architecture
Region Northland

Wide opening sliding doors give wide views to the nearby coast

Key products featured in this home
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