Position sometimes decides protection


This long, narrow house (33m x 6.6m) sits majestically on a Wellington ridge facing almost exactly north. As such it needs protection from the Capital’s sometimes ferocious winds.

Our local manufacturer installed high performance Metro Series and APL Architectural Series products in the house to ensure secure weatherproofing in the toughest conditions.

Overhead glazing is also installed above the entranceway using specialised profiles.  

Hugh Tennent of Tennent + Brown Architects describes his design as a “wind bar” that stretches out to capture as much sun as possible in response to the home’s exposed position. Some have described the dwelling as a rural shed that transcends its rustic roots and budgetary discipline, with an elegant simplicity and sleek interior.

Hugh Tennent’s trademark use of expansive wood surfaces and joinery throughout the interior injects a warming element into a structure that is mainly metallic – profiled steel on the walls and roof. The floors are in eucalyptus, and interior joinery units are in macrocarpa veneer. An eye-catching series of structural columns along the windows are made from solid macrocarpa as well - an attractive alternative to the usual steel offering.

Region Wellington

Designed to stretch out and capture as much sun as possible

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