First windows, doors and hardware offer carefully designed and engineered product ranges for every style and size of home – and for every exposure.  We recognise the realities of current building and design, as well as the sometimes harsh realities of the New Zealand climate. The First suite was designed and launched in the 1990s and has been the subject of continuous refinement and product range expansion.

Through the First range, we’re pleased to offer home-owners and designers options for a complete and contemporary joinery package - one that has proven successful for decades.

ThermalHEART technology is available in First Residential and Metro Series windows and doors and maximises internal comfort level in homes, especially in winter. A nylon thermal insulator separates the inside and outside metal faces. This cleverly integrated barrier stops the transmission of cold through the aluminium. It’s an affordable investment with substantial long term energy savings and health benefits. It is always supplied with double glazing, and with a variety of high thermal performance glass options.

Note: ThermalHEART products have a thermal break within the system, and in direct sunlight the temperature on the external facing of the product may become very high, relative to inside. There is a potential for the system to experience slight bowing and doors may have difficulty closing smoothly. We stress that this is only a temporary effect and the system will revert back to its normal shape as the aluminium cools. This effect is primarily in dark colours, so it can be minimised by selecting lighter external colours or increasing the shade in the area.