Hardware – locks, fasteners and handles – are an opportunity to enhance the look and performance of your windows and doors. The style, functionality and colour of handles and locks is the final decision to set off your carefully-chosen new aluminium joinery.

urbo logo Clean shapes and fine lines define the Urbo range of window and door hardware. All grips have a combination of square and radiused edges for comfort and contemporary appeal. The lighter look has been achieved without any compromise on strength. There are three sliding door lock options and a venting window fastener in addition to the standard wedgeless fastener.

Urbo Wedgeless fastener

The Urbo wedgeless fastener adds style and function with refined slim lines. The nylon closing wedge is matched to the handle colour. The handle is suitable for First residential window suites, including ThermalHEART.

URBO Wedgeless Venting Fastener